The Staff at Essex labs, working with the local Chehalis School District, sponsored two families-in-need this year for the Holiday Season.

Participating Staff would select a family member, find a Secret Santa gift for them, and bring it in on December 7th for our third annual Wrap Party.  Each gift was then sorted by family member, gift wrapped, and given to the School District’s liaison for distribution to the families.  In addition, gift cards from a local grocery store were given to provide them with a nice Holiday Feast.

Staff attending the event were welcomed with an appetizer buffet from Dawn’s Delectables, including some delicious peppermint brownies made with our own peppermint!

The event concluded with a White Elephant Gift Exchange.

Fun was the word of the day and was to be had by all in attendance!

~ Justin Judd

2023 Essex Group

Sweater 1, Sweater 2, and Sweater 3!

The Wrap has begun!


After the Wrap!

Dawns Delectables

White Elephant Exchange