How Essex Oils are Made

Using only the finest quality mint, and with the right tools and network at hand, we distill, rectify, and blend oil with finesse and care. Our deep knowledge of mint guides us in the selection and blending process to achieve the right sensory palette every time.

From plants to oil

1. Growing

The journey begins with the planting and farming of the mint plants.

2. Harvest

The farmers cut and dry the hay, reducing the water content for more efficient distillation.

3. Distillation

The hay is brought to the still for steam distillation. The distilled oil is stored in drums and shipped to Essex for quality control.

Quality control

We perform quality control tests on all the oils we receive, produce, and ship, which involves a combination of internal and accredited third-party lab testing. These quality control tests help to ensure that we comply with quality, safety and regulatory laws. We continuously improve our quality testing to meet the needs of our customers and the market.