Why Essex ?

Discover, grow, distill, customize. We are passionate about mint and we take pride in offering a specialized product that values every stage of the journey.

Home to the highest quality products

We are essential oil industry experts. With over 30 years in the mint industry, we live and breathe mint.

At Essex, our proven expertise has helped us shape an established mint breeding program that begins in the soil and culminates in unmatched freshness and quality in your products using a sustainable supply.

Where innovation and sustainability meet

Without the soil, sun and water, there is no mint. We’ve earned our reputation as a leading mint oil supplier through our commitment to produce best-in-class quality mint oils in the most sustainable way possible. Our mission at Essex is twofold: we follow a streamlined process that adheres to the life cycle of growing mint, while respecting and supporting the farmers and environment. We maximize this commitment by choosing high-yield varieties to reduce land-use impact, which in turn minimizes the usage of water, pesticide and fertilizer, while producing less CO₂ compared to conventional mints.

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Open and transparent

We choose growers who align with our sustainable agricultural actions, to ensure that we’re fulfilling our promise to respect the soil. In this same vein, the hybridization of our mint occurs only by insect or hand pollination. Essex works with a small number of selected mint growers who prioritize water reducing practices, and our traceability from field to customer highlights our dedication to transparency.

Putting our customers first

At Essex, we are experts at creating the perfect signature blend. Our close collaboration with Firmenich and our customers allows us to work with highly skilled perfumers and flavorists, harnessing their expertise to deliver tailor-made mint flavors. Our vast plant collection and raw material palette serves as a bedrock to

develop new hybrids and oil blends, and this, alongside our pooled knowledge and skills, helps us to anticipate and understand exactly what customers want, while constantly expanding our flavor profiles.

A global presence and approach

Our mindset towards mint is global. At Essex, we partner with farmers worldwide, respecting mint and its production wherever it is grown. While our innovation program is US-based, we’re always on the lookout for strategic opportunities across the globe which could offer more suitable growing conditions for the mint varieties we develop. This global direction aligns with our goal of aiming to achieve both a stable and sustainable supply of mint.

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