Our Mint Oils

Distinctive oils, the richest mint profiles and specialties. We offer an innovative natural mint palette, adaptable to all flavor profiles as well as a custom blending service, where we collaborate with customers to create bespoke materials to meet their needs. Our mint oils are used in numerous sectors for flavors, fragrances and broad applications.

Our selection of products

At Essex, we specifically craft each batch of oil, helping to ensure we’re meeting our high quality standards. Discover our varieties and blends tailored to your needs.

Spearmint Oils

US Spearmint Oil Native
US Spearmint Oil Scotch
Indian Spearmint Oil

Arvensis Products

US Blanco Arvensis
US Canadensis Arvensis
Indian Crude Arvensis
Paraguayan Crude Arvensis
Indian De-Mentholized Oil (DMO)
Indian Terpeneless DMO
DMO Piperita Type

Peppermint Oils

US Idaho Peppermint Oil
US Midwest Peppermint Oil
US Nevada Peppermint Oil
US Willamette Peppermint Oil
Us Yakima Peppermint Oil
Indian 1st Cut Piperita
Eastern Oregon Peppermint Oil
Chilean Peppermint Oil

Exclusive Specialties

Proprietary Mints
Patented Mint Hybrids
Whole Natural Oil Blends
Cost Effective Blends
Customized Formulations
Upcycled Mint Oils

Rectified Oils

US Rectified Peppermint
US Rectified Spearmint
Indian Rectified Spearmint
Indian Rectified Peppermint

Other Natural Oils

US Mentha Citrata Oil
Indian Mentha Citrata Oil

A flair for flavor

Mint and mint oils have a wide-ranging ability to create numerous flavor and aroma profiles, allowing us to create unique blends that aren’t offered anywhere else. From creamy to herbal to fruity and fresh, mint sets the palate alive with its complex notes and invigorating sensations. We understand mint intimately, and we know you do too.

Multi-faceted mint

Mint’s versatility also extends to how it’s used to enhance products, ranging from broad applications, such as lotions and soaps, to fragrance for oral care and detergent, and flavor. Our mint oil is a key ingredient within the food and confectionery, beverage, fine fragrance, cosmetics and health sectors.

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