Hello Emily!

Congratulations on your new position as Operations Manager. Based on that, you are an excellent candidate for an employee Spotlight interview!

What do you love most about your job at Essex? 

My job is engaging and keeps me on my toes, but most importantly I enjoy working with the people. Other things that Essex, as a job, does well are the flexibility and balanced perspective between work and home life.

What are you most excited about in your new position?

I want to be a part of streamlining the processes to help all departments within Essex work more cohesively and efficiently.

Tell us something about your professional development journey at Essex. 

My mint journey started early in my life with my Grandfather and Father, who mentored the founders of Essex. Growing up around the founders, I enjoyed the smell of mint around me most of my young life. When I was 16, I asked the founders, “Hey, can I work for you?”. They were happy to have a Carrington in the mint world again. The lab is where I started, working on test plots, building models, summer work, and special projects. One of the projects was a bug-repellent lotion, which was more challenging to create than you would think. I took a break, went back to school, had family and life changes, and then my grandma asked if I would come back, so I did! For the last 10 years I have worked in formulation and creation, planning, production managing, and now, I am accepting the challenge of operations manager.

What’s your favorite memory from working at the company?

In my earlier years with Essex, the founders hosted dinners for customers at their homes. Memories of the inviting atmosphere and conversations are some of my favorites. I remember one of the first dinners I attended was with Firmenich representatives. It gave me a more personal experience and interaction with the company and Firmenich.

Describe an exciting hobby or pastime that you have that increases your abilities at work.

One of the hobbies I enjoy most is gardening and orchard keeping. These take planning, timing, learning, changing processes, and experimenting with what works and does not. This is very similar to what I do at Essex daily.

Essex is a small JV, part of a big global company. What would you recommend new hires or experienced employees to aspire towards?

I recommend employees reach outside of their comfort zones; there are many opportunities outside the direct team of Essex. Teaming with dsm-firmenich, creating global relationships, and asking questions. Stepping outside an employee’s comfort zone here at Essex can help their personal and professional lives. Creating connections is definitely a goal to aspire towards.

With many interests outside of work, how do you balance the two?

Balance can be overwhelming, but the overall enjoyment of all the interests keeps it satisfying. One of the keys is I enjoy both work and my home interests. I am also lucky to have a sound family support system that can help when needed.

Do you have a message for our growers? 

Working with Essex provides new and more sustainable plants while optimizing inventory and working hand in hand with growers is critical. Continuing that process is our goal and should feed into future growth and opportunities.