Delighted to attend the biennial event hosted by Essential Oil Association of India (EOAI) in Chennai, India between 8-10 February 2024 with my dsm-firmenich colleagues. Having left the country 26+ years ago, every trip back is filled with surprises and amazement as to how far the country and the people have come and where they aspire to go. With a population exceeding 1.4 billion, a stable political climate, large manufacturing base for Natural and Synthetic Ingredients, the Indian market is full of opportunity for FMCG companies, both Local and International. In the Flavor and Fragrance space, the Indian sub-continued produces a diversified portfolio of Naturals from Essential oils to Spices to Oleoresins and offers a large synthetic manufacturing capability. While India has led the global production of Natural mint for the last 30 years, we believe that the Indian consumer will appreciate the quality and value that US mint is able to offer and look forward to engaging with the stakeholders.