As we March into April, it was time for Essex Labs’ to host our first Team Building event of the year. This year we decided to pull all the stops and go off-site. Who knew what adventures awaited us out there!

Bring on the food!

First item on the agenda was hunger, which was solved by gathering at The Centerville Cafe in Centralia for lunch. Not only did this little dining establishment have an event room that was a perfect fit, but they offered a menu that kept even the pickiest eater among us happy.

After our hunger pangs were satiated, it was time for a leisurely walk through the streets of Centralia to the main event, glassblowing at Central Glassworks in Centralia.

We began our session with a quick tutorial on the art of glassblowing and doing so safely. Then, each of us worked with our instructors to design and create our own piece of glass art.

Even after the class was over and everyone left, anticipation was high as we waited for our creations to arrive at our office the next business day. Once they arrived, the excitement became palpable as each piece was laid out on the conference table and we got our first chance to see the results of everyone’s efforts.

Truly, the excitement from witnessing the fruits of our glassblowing event was everything we could have hoped.


Justin Judd