A fantastic holiday volunteer event at Essex is coming in December…stay tuned! 

What is a volunteer?

According to dictionary.com


  1. a person who voluntarily offers to perform a service or other undertaking.
  2. a person who performs a service willingly and without pay.

For November, one of the many things that dsm-firmenich has been doing is highlighting volunteer opportunities and events from the various sites. This is an excellent topic for the holiday season when we as humans are often thankful, so here is a bit about Essex and the volunteer opportunities in our area.

  • Several employees have acted in their local school/classroom volunteer. Ever been on a field trip with a group of 5th graders? That is a help that is always appreciated.
  • Donating time or materials, energy, being present, and advocating for whatever organization in your community you choose. Women’s shelter closet and Sporting Events, both benefit from volunteers as examples.
  • The Cat’s Meow Spay, Neuter & Adoption Project in Chehalis Wa. Fostering, visiting cats, kennel cleaning, and surgery instrument prep.

Here are three specific volunteer opportunities in the Chehalis area, but any of these can be applied to almost anywhere in the US. There are volunteer opportunities in every community and just about every interest.

More info on volunteering: